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A simple map, to alocate all the street art.
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Some routes to see the most of Georgetown

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Street Art Penang is made because of the lack of interactive maps for tourist in Penang. Most maps hotels in penang provide do not list the exact location of all the street art. Especially they do not list all the street art. The map provided on this website lists all the street art in Penang and provides users with easy to use routes they can follow to see the most of Georgetown. In this manner, allocating street art becomes a fun and easy task, during your stay in Penang.

Georgetown belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as of 2008. Penang and Georgetown especially is famous for its food, famous street art and beautiful nature. In Penang you can also visit the National Park, UNESCO smallest protected national park. Georgetown has an rich culture and many old buildings, making the city in combination with the street art an living museum. This is why Georgetown attracts much tourism and many. A part of the Street Art, are the iron sculptures. The sculptures tell the story of Georgetown, making it an interesting day trip to visit all the art and sculptures. Since the many tourism, The tourism bureau, has provided Penang with many hotels, bars and restaurants making the city fun during day time and night time. Visiting Georgetown is really a recommendation. Go explore the Street art, the food, the bars and especially Penang's nice beaches. Also, a very nice thing to visit is the glass bridge on the top of the KOMTAR tower. You can get a very nice panoramic view from here and see a big part of the island and the mainland. If you want to go to some bars at night, at Chulia Street there are many bars to visit and get a drink.

If you want to visit Georgetown, you could take the plane and land on the island. From here it is 30 minutes by taxi, or you could take the bus, but note, the busses in Penang do not have any change. So make sure you get around 2,70 RM per ticket ready before getting on the bus. Another option is to take a grab or uber, a much cheaper alternative compared to a taxi. It will cost you around 20 RM from the airport to Georgetown. The price can differ depending on how busy the traffic and how high the demand is.